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Medebra Breast Cancer Surgery

The Medebra Story
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Product Description
Product Description Medebra Breast Cancer
Insurance Reimbursement
Insurance Reimbursement Medebra

Medebra is a privately held company; WBENC,WOSB, Women Owned Business certified. WBENC certified business that is the local standard in South Florida for post surgical recovery garments and also being used all over the United States and worldwide by many renown surgeons, hospitals and staff. Many surgeons and patients stated that the Medebra has superior quality over other garments and provides comfort and dignity during recovery due to its additional features.

Medebra is a national and internationally brand. Our partners include some of the largest Healthcare Systems such as; Jackson Health – Florida, Baptist Health – Florida, Partners Health – Michigan, Prime Health – New Jersey, Mission Health – NC,CIty of Hope,California, UCLA Medical Center California, St. Barnabas – New York, University of Arkansas, and HCA Hospitals in Florida, Ohio, & Virginia.

Medebra body is designed for both Women and the Medevest is for the men. A man’s vest has front velcro closure opening opposite as men’s shirts. No man wants to be told to wear a bra. The Medebra logo is not in pink for our men, further providing dignity for all male patients. 

Medebra can be used for the following procedures:
  • Post Surgery
  • Any related to breast surgery
  • Reduction
  • Mastectomy
  • Reconstruction
  • Lumpectomy
  • Lift
  • Biopsy
  • Augmentation
  • Lumpectomy
  • Fine Needle Aspiration
  • Dialysis, Patient with chest catheter
  • Chemotherapy for chest port (Special Strap Design)
  • Nephrology (offers special strap design)
  • Cardio Thoracic Surgery (Offers support and Fit)
Medebra may also be used for:
  • Elderly and Arthritic (Easy front & strap Velcro closures) 
To order additional products, leave comments or suggestions,
email us at info@medebra.com


Only U.S. Patented Multi-Use with additional features, aka clinical value, Medebra Mastectomy Bra Kit (US. Patent 8,696,403) MULTI-USE no other product capable of (CPT code L-8000, HCPCS code L-8015, FIBERFILL L-8020 diagnosis code DXZ85.3) includes all the features needed post breast surgery and the only adjustable strap to offer extra needed length and releasable strap design as a resource for the segment of the patients with chest catheters and ports. The strap design does not dig into the patient port, offers a padded area over by providing protection, cutting back on infections which can lead to readmissions causing charge backs to the hospital, eliminates belts, camisoles and all other support garments, soft Velcro is tool and die cut providing precise sizing and comfort.

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