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The Medebra Story

By Kim P. Haley

One of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had after hearing the words “Breast Cancer”, was finding the courage to choose a surgeon, set a surgery date and tell those I loved my situation. When I went to the operating room on my surgery day, I didn’t know the outcome of what I’d feel or look like.

When I woke up and opened my eyes, the first thing I did was look down and reach for my chest. I saw and felt this awful suit of armor they had strapped and zippered me into! My poor surgeon; a sweet, dedicated man had no idea the strong words I was about to say to him: “okay Doc, as if things weren’t bad enough I’m waking up to feeling like a knight at Camelot! Okay…., yes… well, of course I’m grateful to be here and well, but a women, our feminity is a part of who we are! Couldn’t you find something pretty to put me into?” So my sweet, dedicated surgeon smiled and acknowledged my words of wisdom and said, “Okay Kim, so your next challenge is to make something prettier for women post-op, okay”

The Medebra was born. I have put my heart into Medebra in the hope that others will wake up from their surgeries with a gentler and softer feeling as they look down and wonder.

I lost my mother to cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor. My hope is that Medebra gives other women some since of power, strength and feeling of feminity and allow them to realize that they are still the same person and they are still beautiful.

“The Medebra”

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have or know someone that has been diagnosed with breast cancer. It is no accident the Medebra was invented by a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Remember, knowledge is power. Take Control of the situation, learn all you can about your condition, work with your doctor, and above all, remain positive!

There is some really good news: Breast Cancer has a very high cure rate: over 95 percent when diagnosed early. Unfortunately, some people are so frightened of the “big C” that they don’t call their physician even when they find a lump.

The Medebra was designed to make your journey through the recovery process easier. But, equally important to a woman is feeling like a woman and maintaining your dignity and feminity.

Medebra is more confortable to wear than previous port surgery devices and at the same time lets you comfortably choose correct sizes, should you desire them. You may also consider this product acceptable for use long after your treatment is behind you. The Choice is yours.

Medebra Post Breast Cancer Surgery
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