Insurance Reimbursement

Get Reimbursed:

–  Medebra Mastectomy kits is reimbursable, up to 6 per year, nationally,
$54.00 per bra.
   CODE: L8015
Diagnosis code: C50.919

–  Medebra is reimbursable, 2 per post operation.

Remember that Medebra can be used for the following procedures:
– Post Surgery – Any related to breast surgery.
– Reduction  – Mastectomy   – Reconstruction   – Lumpectomy   – Lift   – Biopsy   – Augmentation
– Lumpectomy   – Fine Needle Aspiration   – Dialysis, Patient with chest catheter
– Chemotherapy for chest port (Special Strap Design)   – Nephrology (offers special strap design)
– Cardio Thoracic Surgery (Offers Compression and Fit)

-Medebra may also be used for:
– Elderly and Arthritic (Easy front & strap Velcro closures) 

You can purchase any Medebra online or at a store. But you need your doctor’s prescription and code of the Medebra or Medebra Mastectomy kit in order to be reimbursed by your insurance.