Mastectomy Surgery Bras. Medebra is a garment that accommodates many needs post surgery and in every day life. Post mastectomy, rotocuff, cardio thoracic, lumpectomy, dialysis, recovery, chemotherapy, exercise, and elderly care are just some of the things our medebra covers. Medebra is designed with top surgeons approval and has received national media attention praising our comfortable and caring design described below The seamless one-piece design provides maximum comfort throughout recovery, conforms to breasts to give a natural looking shape under clothing, is easy to put on, and prevents shoulder irritation plus protects sensitive areas from scratching or brushing.


Mastectomy Bra Post CancerMedebra’s seamless design also provides great support and comfortability while securing bandage dressings without the need for tape or additional “ace-type bandages . The medebra also features exclusive stretch material that is secure, soft, and lightweight for the entire duration of recovery and even for use after. Designed specifically with top surgeons approval, the cotton and lycra stretch knit fabric permits surgical site to breathe and wont cause any irritation. No latex is in our product.

Medebra’s material is designed also to expand during recovery to accommodate edema and helps flush fluids from the trauma of surgery. Velcro strap design allows easy application of the product to sensitive patients. Creating the velcro strap closure in the front instead of the back reduces arm discomfort and allows patients to undo and put on the bra with ease and dignity, no cumbersome hook and eye closure or clips. The straps simplicity also allows easy access to chest ports and catheters while also facilitating essing changes and examinations by your doctor Medebra is truly a do-it-all, one of a kind product and is reimbursable by most insurances.