Post Surgery Mastectomy Bra. Medebra is a garment that accommodates many needs post surgery and in every day life. Post mastectomy, rotocuff, cardio thoracic, lumpectomy, dialysis, recovery, chemotherapy, exercise, and elderly care are just some of the things our medebra covers. Medebra is designed with top surgeons approval and has received national media attention praising our comfortable and caring design described below The seamless one-piece design provides maximum comfort throughout recovery, conforms to breasts to give a natural looking shape under clothing, is easy to put on, and prevents shoulder irritation plus protects sensitive areas from scratching or brushing. Medebra’s seamless design also provides great support and comfortability while securing bandage dressings without the need for tape or additional “ace-type bandages.


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Benefits: When applied correctly, the garment will increase blood circulation around the surgical area where a breast augmentation, breast implant, mastectomy, or lumpectomy has been performed. The Medebra surgical garment will also accelerate the healing process, diminish swelling, and flush out any harmful bodily fluid from the specific area. In the event of a sudden movement (Example: sneeze or cough), the Medebra garments control will minimize the discomfort.

Target Procedures: Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Augmentation, Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, and Chest Surgery (General Thoracic).The Medebra Surgical Garment can be worn alone or can be used to hold surgical dressings in place without tape. It is available in six sizes to accommodate virtually all patients without requiring extensive inventory. The Medebra is indicated for use after a wide range of surgical procedures: 
• Reduction 01--Mastectomy-Kit
• Mastectomy 
• Reconstruction 
• Lumpectomy 
• Lift 
• Biopsy 
• Augmentation 
• Fine Needle Aspiration 
• Dialisys, Patient with chest catheter 
• Chemotherapy for chest portThe Medebra Surgical Garment (Bra/Vest) 
offers the soft support and compression patients need immediately following breast surgery. Soft, breathable fabric stretches to accommodate edema without binding or irritating sensitive tissue. A front Velcro-type closure facilitates inspection of the surgical site and dressing changes.